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January 05, 2008


Hooray-she's back after such a loooonnnggg absence! Good to "see" you again!!

It looks great Karen! Be sure to let me know when your etsy site is up and running!


Yes,,I agree it's looking good ( as I expected) I love the banner!

You're lucky to have a patient 17 year old, that's usually an oxymoron! Love your site and glad you found me. I'll add you to my blogroll and look for your etsy store. Thanks for the good wishes, you too!!

Wow, I just posted about technology today and my 15 year old helps me all of the time!

oh GOOD! I was thinking I'd have to explain Etsy to you and then try to convince you to do it.....
running off now to search Etsy for amusements to see if you're there (here) yet

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