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February 05, 2008


Great post Karen! May I copy (and give credit) to the two paragraphs on comments: leaving and responding?

Thanks for the vote of credibility Charmaine! Use anything that makes sense, but I don't need "credit." Just being A`Musing is enough...Ha!

WOW, nicely said. It is nice to be responded to.....especially when you know they know you and they don't respond. catty, catty!

you said it! sistah!
I sometimes don't have time to go and look at all the blogs when peeps comment but I do try to get there- I don't delete any emails until I have tried to answer! I like knowing that people are out there reading me- otherwise I get some despair going on...oh, hello abyss! Nice to see you again!

I like your blog- The one thing I have found that makes mine easier to read is to break up the paragraphs and change fonts and sizes so that people can read instead of skim-
I get a lot of skimmers who just look at my pictures-
it hurts my feelings when I have been sitting there doing my best to communicate with words what I normally communicate through art or visuals.
Anyway- I would be honored to be on your side bar- what category shall I add you to on mine?
you have some wicked cool mixed media- I love that jar with the marie inside- let me know and I'll add you.
I am going up to Ga on Friday so I won't be on for a few days after that- till I get situated with the folks.

Wonderful post , Karen !
I have to say that I missed some inspation to write mine !
I should have asked your help.
Anyway , you are right I should answer to every comment but I have to say I don't have time , even if I want , if I think and if I feel like ..

Well said! :)

Hi, just popped over from ...hmm now where was I? Somewhere vintage I think and this is the second time this week I have seen your beautiful jewellery mentioned and adored, so had to come visit such a talent! Love this post it is so so true and sometimes people who have been blogging for a while need to be reminded of the basics. I loved it well done you! Shall pop back for a longer visit later, until then TTFN KN Linda Lilly Cottage.

Whoops I meant to say beautiful blog, got jewellery on the brain, must be all that Valentines stuff in the air and the wishful thinking that I would get jewellery, I meant blog, and I came to visit because two people have said it was wonderful so I came to visit and of course they were I just hope I can remember how to get home, lol, KN Linda

Well said & I TOTALLY agree! :-D)

Best Always,

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