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February 29, 2008


Yay...Karen's in!

Oddly enough, now the Vintage Indie picture is missing from my blog...

hello, thank you for your comment on my blog"le curieux petit lieu",and excuse-me for my shop is closed, but after atime for reflexion I decide to keep the blog, I think it will change a little, soon you'll see new messages...your own blog is very nice,could I put it on my links?
cordialement, à bientôt

Gosh, sitting on that bench under your big ole' wisteria tree surrounded by the birds & the bees working (that's a rather quaint way of referring to it ;) does indeed sound heavenly!

I LOVE the smell of musty old paper!

The swap sounds fun, can't wait to see pics of your treasures :)

Always a pleasure to visit your blog!!!!


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