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February 07, 2008


Someday I want to see your ephemera stash!

And because I know you want to know....
born in the year of the goat

You're a true joy!!!

Hugs and hugs, Aleta

Ming Na goes to Wing Wa! Yes! That was fun saying that! (I said it out loud while typing it ;)
I'm a monkey too! Woohoo!
Gung Hay Fat Choi :)

I thought you might like to know that tomorrow is my monkey's Birthday.I have an Aquarian monkey. I also would like to hear more about your sister; she sounds fascinating(and young-er).

Reply to "Toonce"
Your monkey must be brilliant! Most Aquarians are. My sister IS younger! Sadly, she is not "fascinating" but is allowed a pass on the weekends, so perhaps she'll be available for your monkey's birthday!
Remember Toonce (that name seems SO familiar...) Wishes Do come true; Jimminie Cricket said so.
****** *************

Hey baby.....I juzzz wanna
say how wonderful this blog
We dont have things like this where I live....
Sweet Dreams
Thank ya Thank Ya Very Much

Oh dear, Elvis is in the building. Please refrain from referring to me as "baby" as the girl with the Aquarian monkey gets chellous. And this blog is strickly business. (Ref. Monkey)
You're welcome.

Even your sketchbook is gorgeous! You are one talented (er..fortune) cookie!


Happy Birthday Miz Scarlett- are you 29 again or are we going to admit to being mysterious older women??? (with daughters how old?)

Have a terrific day!!!!


OOPPS, I guess that the monkey comment went on the wrong like, I'm a monkey too! Ha!

Thank you Karen, for you comment on my blog. Even if i don't let comments on yours, be sure I visit it everyday ! Love

I am born in the year of the monkey too. I am glad I found your blog (through Tammy Fischer through vintage lily - funny how that happens) You are so funny! And your art is wonderful!

Nice! I'm a dog, married to a horse. I gave birth to another dog, and a rooster. I love Chinese New Year, it's the day we met (well the day the parade was on in SF in 2004...or 4072?....what?


umm, the day me and the HORSE met. Not me and you. But you already figured that much out, you're quick of wit, I've noticed!

Happy Year of the Rat! :)


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