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February 20, 2008


Congratulations! Your blog is always so enlightening! I see you now know Joy...isn't she just fabulous?!

Aww shucks...thanks so much for the award Karen. I'm certainly in very fine company! & a big congrats to you for receiving the award! It's most deserved! You make my day too :)

♥ Tracy

Awww...jeez Karen!

Thanks! Must get some coffee, and then have a blog reading frenzy.

Golly, Karen, that is so nice! Do you do PR for living? You are GOOD! I had lots of fun visiting these blogs, I should have known if you like them I would too. They are great and so are you! Thanks again,c :0)

Hi Karen,

I am SO glad Christe (such a sweetie) bestowed this award to you! You TOTALLY deserve this & enjoy it!

PS: Thanks for the link too.

Chris :-D)

Thank you very much for the award!! We hope to be worthy of it now and in the future!

You are such a sweetie to think of us (and work HARD with us)!

Very cool, Karen. I'll look at the blogs!

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