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March 02, 2008


WOW!!! Karen ~ What a cool post and love the vignette...I guess the moths are 4 me?! '-)

Just GREAT!!!

Have a great day! :-D)


woo hoo !!! love it!!!

Hmmmm....I have similar bird/cloche and bird/egg nest. Just missing the butterflies. (Happily, some are on their way!)

Love it!!!!!!!

Kimberlee're such an eccentric & odd little Oregonian (in the most fab way possible!) Is that a shadow I see of Unkle Fester in the background...or Lurch...or BOTH ;)

Very cool & interesting display & I love the idea! I wanna be on the receiving end of one of your future quirky groupings! C'mon! I dare you! However, any inclusion of Men at Work paraphernalia will result in me plucking out the feathers of your beloved birdy. One by one....


merci pour votre message sur mon blog, ça me fait très plaisir!
suis très fière de voir "le curieux petit lieu" sur vos liens...à bientôt!

Oh what a "cheeky bugger" you are Tracy... Vegemite sandwiches and Olivia Newton John soundtracks for everyone! Daring me to include you in a "quirky grouping" eh? Not a problem. Hope you like Spock.
Now go forth and prosper, Miss Award Winning Writer Par Excellance! (Hope I spelled 'vegemite'correctly)
K with Lurch assisting (Fester's busy with a bulb)

Don't you dare be knockin' our Livy ;)

Spock! Eeeeek! Ok then, let's not worry about the 'quirky grouping' thing. Forget I mentioned it. Please? Coz you're frightening me!

I spell 'vegemite' as 'S#@T' but your spelling is correct.

Tracy :)

it will perfectly fit in my petit cabinet de curiosities ..don't you think ??

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