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March 23, 2008


I still think they're disgusting. Bleck!

Did you click on the Peep Show link though? It's Peep "artwork". Hysterical. You MUST look at it. I think my favorite was the Little Miss Sunshine take off...all the little Peeps running along side the VW bus....but they were all pretty darn funny.

What are peeps? They look so cute, can you eat them?

Your little Birdie bunny rocks!

Yay! I now know what 'peeps' are! They look very cute but I can't imagine them tasting so good.

Glad you scored so well & you had a lovely Easter. Don't go eating all those peeps at once! xx

Hey K ~ Hope you and your family had a great Easter. Hope you ate LOTS of candy 4 me! '-)

I LOVE Peeps!!! LOL

Chris :-D)

once in a fit of sugar deprivation I micro melted peeps onto chocolate graham crackers on bread to make a s'mores samwich. Now that's a peep show! teehee! I like them dipped in peanutbutter too. :) xxxooo calamity k.
I will try calling you today at noon your time 9which is 3pm here? right?? Let me know if that is good for you.

How disappointing that my favorite Chick Peeps were totally ignored in favor of those bunnies! Not to worry, I gobble both with great gusto when they are on hand-LOL!!!! Melting them in the microwave never entered my mind, hmmm.........

I've just been magically transported here by clicking a 'secret partner' vintage swap link on High Desert Diva's blog.

Some secret! I already knew how super wonderful you are! She so LOVED your package of vintage goodies. It's a most lovely collection :)

I love, love, love peeps and miss them already. I always begin by biting they little heads off!

We had a very Peep-ie Easter this year as well. Last year, the Easter Bunny ran out of Peeps by the time he got here, soooooo this year there were quite a bit to say the least!

Hello Karen thankyou for visiting, I thought I would show my little run and it would give my friends some idea of my home town....drop in for tea and cakes, anytime you are always very welcome.
Hugs Lynn
What are peeps??

Your blog is wonderful! Love your photography!

Have a blessed day!

smiles, kari & kijsa

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