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March 22, 2008


I hope you & all your family have a most awesome Easter & the bunny is generous to you guys when he's doing his rounds.

I just set-up an Easter egg hunt for my Sophie (using carob eggs, because chocolate isn't good for dogs). Soph will be running around the backyard like a loon for the next couple of hours. She's sweet, but not so bright.

Lovely post once again, you word things so beautifully that you even manage to warm the heart of a crabby cynic like me ;D

Tracy the Easter Bunny called...He wants his fluffy tail back. That Sophie is such a spoiled little puppy-girl...carob eggs and it's not even really Easter yet! Guess this means she'll have plenty of time to fill my basket later... ;-) Happy Easter my Aussie Sister!
xoxo Karen

Hope you have a fun day tomorrow...Peeps and all. (Never did learn to like those.

Peep Show
too funny!

Very nicely done. Happy Easter to you as well.

Happy Easter to you!

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