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April 04, 2008


Funnily, Fred Flintstone favored a fez.

Dear Diva, I notice you are throwing around the "f" word a lot here... I like it.

Hi K ~ mmmm...thinking...I will have to put on my thinking cap OR is it FEZ first?! LOL '-)

Have a GREAT weekend!

CK :-D)

Yay! I'm bettin' you zip around the house wearing this funny looking headwear while dusting your kooky collectibles ;D

This is such a fun idea! LOVE IT!!! A weekly dose of entertaining weirdness! Bring it on!

Fanflipintastic Fridays! (I like using 'f' words to. As you well know ;)

Oooh- we love a good ol' Fez Friday!!
Have a Fabulous Fez weekend!

kari & kijsa

Always a pleasure to visit your blog....


Hey Karen! We really appreciate your kind words of support for our new venture...and are very happy to have found your blog. And now we have even MORE reasons to conjure up "F" words to celebrate Fridays! :o)

Joe and Jermonne

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