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April 21, 2008


Love the little eiffel tower...and that wire piece...FAB

Oh Wow Karen! How cool is all this!?! I LOVE it! More photos like this! EVERYDAY PLEASE! Yipee Yay! You super talented beautiful one you!

Oh & your puss seems to have swapped sides...I swear puss cat was happily purring to the right of me last time. Now purring to the left. May soon be purring in stereo! What a confusing little kitty. A cutie though :)

I agree with Tracy! What eye candy!
What did you edge that glass pendant cool. Is the crown made out of rope? What's in store for the fabric stash? So many things to look at....

Love the crown. Have Merle rip out some more wire! The cuttings, especially the crown, are fabulous! M.

Please, I beg you- tell about the crown! I love it's tetanus appeal! I love a little danger with my art! Did you make it? I love those fabrics! I am getting a plane ticket right now! Look out stash! Here I come! wow! you got some nice stuff, miss thing!

love your work. wish I could get my nose right up to it. Did you make the crown? Beautiful keep at it OX lulu

I love your creations!! Say, you've been holding out on me!! Pretending you don't do much...yeah, right!

K ~ Happy Humpty Dumpty Day! '-)

I agree with everyone here...what mess?! Lovely :)


Your art is wonderful! Found you through Melanie.


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