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April 24, 2008


Oh how sweet are those shoes. My Sophie also has a shoe fetish & she would so love chewing on those. Soph has munched her way through all my (less than pretty) shoes so yours would be perfect to be served up as a sweet dessert. She's even drooling over the photo :)

oh la la!

Wow, did you make these? I've been dreaming of paper shoes for a while now!!!

I am sharing these on my Blog! They are lovely! I am so glad you escaped the bears! Don't ever do that again!
xxxooo kim

These are fabulous!! Do tell!! xo, suzy

Wow! A shoe nut like me!! I love them stunning!!

Wow! A shoe nut like me!! I love them stunning!!

completely and utterly gorgeous! the photo composition is stunning too. you're one talented girl!

Like the 'breathing' kitty! How do you make base for shoe?

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