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April 01, 2008


If this is true, it is very interesting...if you're foolin'...curse on ye

Happy April Fool's Day....


K ~ FUN post & happy April Fool's Day!!!

PS: Thanks for the get well wishes, and I am feeling better!

CK :-D)

Poisson d' Avril? Wow! Those zany French! Wish I'd heard about this earlier. Oh well, next year I'll be prepared for some crazy random fishy back slappin' on April 1st. What fun!

& hey there's a cute little cat lookin' at me. I've not noticed him before. He must have come out at the mention of fish...

"...crazy random fishy back slappin'...." WoWwww! Now I know the French dreamed this up, but sounds like the Aussie Girl is pretty interested. Perhaps a quick trip to Paris, in April 2009, will help.... You know, "April in Paris" and all that....
Au revoir!

Hey are you encouraging me to head on over for some Parisan slappin' ;)

Seriously, I'd LOVE to visit Paris! One day maybe...

April Fish?!?! Ooookay. The French are different from you and me aren't they?

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