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May 06, 2008


French blogs = tres chic

great frames Karen

Such Loveliness! I have been gone tooo long from your blog!! Each and every post has been breathtaking! I will not be gone so long next time!!!

I LOVED Joel Gray in Caberet.
What? Oh...not that gray. My mistake.

I LOVE those frames!!! & you're way too sophisticated for me...I didn't even know what 'gris' was! I had to look it up! I now feel slightly less clueless. Yay! I'm now off to check out some of your fave French blogs. I at least have a fondness for grey. That much I know :)

Yes, I love the use of grays!
I need to think more gray. I am a black and white person. Gray can teach a person important things about life.

Have a great day Karen O.

Your photos are all so very beautiful. A favorite color combination with me since childhood has been pink and gray.


Yum....I'm a huge fan of gray, silver, anything metallic. What beautiful photos you your page!


Lovely architectural details! '-)

Popping in here to say hello & thank you for being a great blogging friend!

CK :)

Such lovely photos ~ and such a lovely blog!

Lots of wow yummy stuff!

Oh yes... grey can be lovely.... Just lovely... all the gris inspired me to go through your blog roll again...zeroing in on the Frenchies. Found some new faves...thanks

c'est bonne! I love the gray.
the taupe.
the chic!
I am swamped with work.
just came by to say hi!

I love the color gray! To me it is an extention of the color white. The photos are stunning!
xx Nancy

Beautiful post!
Sandra Evertson

I love all these old frames! Lovely!

i don't know about gray myself, or gris for that matter. but your photos sure do rock!

I love , love grey ..I forget I'm french

I too love French sites and these pics are spectacular. I've added you to my favs. Have a great Sunday, T

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