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May 03, 2008


Eh Matey! I don't do very good 'pirate speak' so I'll not further attempt to. Didn't understand a word of the text ;) BUT, I LOVED the photos! Especially the second one of the raven. Wow! That's a frame worthy photo that one! & you've had a blog makeover! It looks fabulous! & your little cat widget looks all ghostly on the black background...very eerie & cool!

That is one fabulous room! Looks as if it belonged to a damsel in distress who left in quite a hurry and never returned! Thanks for sharing:)

Oh, your lighting really sets the mood, and your words dance around your beautiful pirate loot. Such a gorgeous soiree celebration and I have enjoyed your swashbuckler inspiration. Karen

What awesome pictures, you did a wonderful job. Love the raven. Are you sure your not part pirate?

Raven, did I see a Raven...could it be that it is one of your Ravens that has been rummaging in my Jewelry Box? Arrrrrrr!!!!! stand back Raven.
Come over and all will be explained.
I am happy to see that Johnny did not escape from my corner of Bloglandia.
Love this post...good to meet you :)

Oh my goodness, beware the raven!

I'm tempted.....ever so tempted to grab at one of yer lustrous strands of pearls! Oh how they temp me. I passionate about pearls, I feel feverish.....but I am brought to my senses by that beaky security guard, makes me stand my distance. I'll be back when he goes on break!

What an original and wonderful post Karen!!

Ahhh a woman after me heart. I have a soft spot for Ravens you see. Never seen one in pearls. A beautiful thing! Magnificent photos lassy.

I'd pilage your plunder fer sure!!! The Raven is my friend...

I loooove pearls! and the treasure room! great lightning!


Well crap girl...this has to be the best blog post ever! A blog makeover, mood lighting, fabulous artwork, pirate booty, seashells, the raven (and whatever is behind the raven that I seriously think needs to be in my home).

Awesome! You rock!

Karen, this dark lovliness is what I knew I would find here. I can't believe you would leave this place even for a day to sail with me.Thank you so much. And I have a huge favor to ask. When you do go home, Adam needs a lift. Are you up for that??

PS- coveting your new banner.

Me 'ead is a shakin' at ther beauty upon this 'ere ship! Respectin' yer raven fer 'is protectin' a yer beeyootiful pearls.


Beautiful photos, Karen - you really worked at staging something unusual - and your blog banner reflects the theme as well! Bravo!

Your photography m'dear is truly something to behold! Thank you for your invitaion to shop the seven seas. The glass slipper and I are ready! Let the plundering begin.

xx Nancy

Loves it!

shiny! sparkly! pretty!


Aubenre' Ancalimon @-`---

Don't send the raven my way! Aaaarrrrrrhhhhhh!

but, what about a trade, eh?...what if we sees somethin' we likes and wants to trade sumthin else fer it?

I love your photo's and your post is fabulous!! I want those pearls!!!

What a sepia adventure. It sends chills through my mermaid tail.
Kelley-The Cowgirl Mermaid

'Tis amazing what you have created here! The ambience, the richness, awesome! I'll be back, that's for sure...

i love that crown hiding in the back of the set. wow. it looks wonderful. enjoy your weekend!


Ahoy my proud beautie, love your room photo's.

Great post. I love the displays with your treasures and the crow is amazing.


you set a fine mood with pretty words and pictures for this pirate to hit the bunk..

What fabulous photos....look like something out of a dream!

Karen, Thank you for visiting my Pirate Princess. She'll be right over,you have lots of treasure to plunder. (She'll deal with the raven too)
xo Lidy

ps. Beautiful staging and shots!

I'm so sad not to have been abble to join you for this fantastic party. It all looks so fabulous !
It has been a long time since i've stopped to say hello , I'm very happy to have done that today ..and to see you My friend.

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