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June 04, 2008



Great photo!

Me thinks you are chellous, Ms. Diva.... were you being snide?
Probably my large pom poms that annoy girls like you.

Ooooohhhhh, I see. You're not going to tell us which one is you. YOU must be the reason pom-pom girls had that unfair reputation of being a tease.

Again with the snide comments... And this coming from Mae West's understudy. Try to guess which one is me, smartypants.

You're probably right...but it's not jealousy over big pom's the thigh envy. Mine were never small enough to wear a short rally skirt.

That's a great photo! Oh so groovy baby :)

Thank-you Karen, for posting this pic and clearing up for me what a rally is, I almost cried with laughter. You only participated in the one you say.....

Hi Mystery Lady!

Popping in to say a quick hello & hope you are well!

Congrats are in order 4 your daughter's impending graduation!

Happy Week! :-D)


Cute rally team!!

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