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August 29, 2008


Oooohhhh, what a wonderfully spooky closet! Can't wait to check out the back corners........


Fun Halloween goodies!!

Can it be Fall?!....We are so icky sticky at my house...
Love that Black Kitty!

Have a great weekend:)


I love the guy in the back, he is the love child of William Shakespeare and Beelzebub! I am done with summer, bring on the pumpkins.

Hi Linda! Shakespeare and Beelzebub both would be pleased you recognized them in the cool mummer image. I put him in the picture just for you! He, the black cat image and a pumpkin imp with a top hat (not pictured) are Mischief Makers... and aren't WE full of mischief?!
Mistress of the Broom Closet...

Your blog is inspiring and your collections are dreamy. Thank you for sharing your collections with us.


Hi Karen, This is not a "broom closet" my friend! is a "Treasure Trove of Enchanting Delights"!!!! I have a little award for you on my post this evening....You so deserve it!....Enjoy your holiday weekend!...Heidi XO

Ohhhhh.....Cool, cool, cool!

FUN & have a great holiday weekend Karen! :)

Spooky CK

Not fair! Only thing in my broom closet is a broom(and I don't mean the Wicked Witch of the West's) and some dirt. Debbie

Artfully know what I hear when I see these wonderful artifacts........the strains of Loreena McKinnett's The Mummer's Dance...a must for a closet like this!

Your closet doesn't scare me!! Only sweeping does! Wish I could fly away on my broom to a land where everything always stays clean without cleaning.
Who's this little avatar kitty keeping me company here? Does she have a name? Did I miss the introduction?

What a great broom closet. I've been rearranging the shelves in my craft room and I know how hard it is to put together an artfully arranged shelf that looks as casual and intriguing as yours. Bravo the Broom!

Ooohh...I'd like to be locked up in that broom closet for a while. I'd emerge with my pockets full...hehe

your things are so over the top divine-singing and skipping-jo

The Devil is Divine.....Hope all is well.


That all looks so tempting, like a little glimpse into another world and I wanna go there.

Thank you so much for such sweet words on the comment you left! I LOVE our blog, too! It is so inspiring! I love your "broom closet":) Have a devilishly wonderful Fall and Halloween! Take Care!

There you go, sweeping me off my feet again!! Hey- I bet you don't even have a broom. I figure you for a Dirt Devil kinda gal.

Broom closet? Did I hear correctly? Cackle, cackle; it should go very well with my boudoir's haunting Witch corner, and it is SO beautifully haunting. I love it!

Christine ~ Zwee!!!!!!!

Ooo, Wonderful stuff! And LOVE the beautiful witches shoes below!
Sandra Evertson

Wow! I love Halloween. I want a broom closet like that. I have the cobwebs...guess that's a start. Ha.

Hi Karen ~ Popping in to say hello & stop and see me sometime! :)

Have a great week.


What a fascinating closet... You have the most interesting blog I have come across recently!

Take care,

Mademoiselle M.

I love this closet ...

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