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September 15, 2008


Truly exquisite!!!!

These are darling. Will she still be setting up in Zapp Hall or have they moved outside to a tent? Oh, never mind. I'll find her-I'll just follow the trail of glitter. Deb

I really love these!

Cinderella here!! Glass slippers?? Forgettaboutit! I'd trade glass for these any day. In fact, I'd toss Prince Charming aside in a second for a pair of these darling shoes!!

Hi Karen,
Fabulous, exquisite, ooh la la, tres jolie, magnifique!
You are the Queen of Petite Slippers. I love them all!!!

Beautiful with such lovely vintage touches!
~ Iva

Love all those slippers! I hope you made more than that though because I suspect they'll be snapped up & sold out within seconds! They're gorgeous Karen! xo

argh!!! I want I want I want...No...I HAVE TO HAVE!!!

Oh, you made these!? Saw them at Linda's house the other day in her beautiful display case, they are wonderful works of art...just precious!
By the way, Linda and Ludmil will be set up inside Zapp...maybe our cool weather will hold out until then. Hope to meet a bunch of yall at the show!

I'll be at the show w/ Linda. Wish you could come out. Beautiful work!! Thanks so much for checking on us, T

Absolute perfection! Will any of these be at Albany?

I'll take a pair of those little pink parfaits on the left and a pair of the soft pink with the pearls and... just send me one of each!!!!
I'm with Donna dump the Prince, send in the shoes...
xo Susan


Ohhhhh........ I love these tiny decadent slippers. If only i had a life size pair........

Good Morning Karen, OMG!!!! These little "slippers" of your are unbelievable!!! Exactly how big are they?...I was thinking they would be absolutely enchanting on my Christmas tree!... or given as the favor at my Christmas party this year! I know you have a shop in Salem, Oregon right?....Would you please let me know the price & the price of these exquisite little shoes!...Thanks a million!!! Good Luck with all your projects!! I continue to love your blog!....Heidi XO

I love these slippers ...They are gorgeous !
Heidi is right , it will look perfect on a christmas tree

We are talking seriously pretty here...and you are one talented lovely lady.......better than Choo's.
Mmmm that moon, that moon is gorgeous, why doesn't it keep that colour when it comes up on my side of the world Huh!!
No moon, no shoes,..........I'm off to bed Goodnight Karen.
Hugs Lynn xx

Hello girlie love those slippers! oh la la! Denise

You're a Rock Star, Karen! Look how talented you are! Amazing!


simply remarkable, those shoes, I would take these over Manolo Blahniks any day. You my dear are a genius. OX

oh wow! i can't stop looking at those slippers! really, really lovely - your talent is admirable as always!

These shoes are delightful!

Hi I bought 2 of the sweetest bluebirds from Linda in Warrenton. That is the only time I heard of you! So I got home and looked on line. Where can I buy more?

How adorable, I enjoy your photos sooo much...!

Take care

i had to go backwards in time in order to visit you with a comment tonight. so when i saw this reference to willow nest i thought i would stop right here. wow these are beauuutiful slippers! so delicate yet deadly pointy! i met the marcovs this summer at the Barn House flea market in Washington. i took tons of photos and many are posted on my blog.. another thing in common! oh but i take photos only i could never create something so beautifully detailed as this.

I bought a pair of the shoes @ Warrenton and they are delightful!!!!! So are the sweet couple. We will both be setting up @ a show in Houston this weekend. Can't wait to see Linda's creations!

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