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September 15, 2008


Ah... such a lovely orb! Too bad mere mortals pay for such beauty with moments of... (dare I say it?) lunacy. Tee-hee!!


Wow! What a sight! I can imagine you & your tribe of kitties doing a little moondance in your backyard in celebration. Oh & you have two left feet by the way. You just trod on one of the kitties. You now have some major sucking up to do me thinks. Nothing worse that a cranky cat that has just been trodden on!

Maybe it's Mars.

Nature's darker side, but absolutely beautiful!
It could inspire one to hijack a truck that's on its way to Texas to retrieve a box of gorgeous paper slippers!!
xo Susan


Hi Karen,
Oregon has a lot to offer....and I thought it was all just green! Even the night is beautiful where you live.

Looks beautiful!

oooh I haven't seen moon like this in years! So beautiful. :)

Is THAT what my problem was?!?! And here I thought that it was hormones...duh! Hey Karen, your blog is looking very beautiful....lots to look at!

i did not realize... you are in salem. i am in west linn. did you notice? well how fun is that! i don't think i saw this moon but wow!

Keep going back to your site and all is so wonderful. Love my shoe I bought from Linda that you made, so precious! Cannot wait to see their new shop in Burton! Joyce

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