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November 02, 2008


Wow! A genuine queens birthday shoe. Probably not available in my European size 39 and or width sizes :-)?
Love your banner!

Happy birthday Marie! I'll now go eat some cake on your behalf.

Love the shoe! Marie scored well. I'd be more than willing to accept the shoe on her behalf also :D

SOOOOO............Marie and I have yet another thing in common, besides your friendship, our birthdays! I would say to Marie you are stuck with your relatives, but you shoes your friends well. Beautiful the slippers and the new triptych!

I will take a pair of those dainty slippers!
'Tis funny how a woman born over two hundred years ago can still effect us.
Happy Birthday to Marie and bravo to all the women that have left their mark on society.
xo Susan

The slipper are gorgeous. I would love about 60 of them, no make it 100! Everyday would feel like Marie's birthday with those beautiful shoes.
The paper and trim are lovely, it must have taken ages to create.
Your Pal,

Happy Birthday!!! '-)

Hope you have a great week K!


Ooh!Aah! Love it as always.

Happy Birthday indeed. Such a lovely party.
I can see why this tragic queen has captured your imagination.

What a gorgeous post! and those slippers....ooohhh la la!!! Please stop by my blog and enter my giveaway
Patti V

What a beautiful shoe you have on your blog.I was looking at all of the ones you have on yourright bar andthey are beautiful too.And yes I am voting.Marie Antionette

Beautiful! I want them all, but real and in a size 8.
Lovely work!

Ghostie Greetings! These shoes are to die for!!(no pun intended Marie)! Delightfully Decadant and devilishly desireable! I must have a pair..or more!
Eternally yours, Gail

Hi Karen,
Just want to tell you how much your new banner sings!!
I must show my mom your avatar kitty!!! It makes me smile.


Unbelievably Fantastic!

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