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November 09, 2008


Great autumn colors! Are those little knots a kind of sisal rope? Or do I definitely have to put my lenses in before starting to give comments?

Have a great day!

Have I mentioned before that I think you are an artistic genius?

Oh I just love the tapestry fabric-yum!

I do love details. Girl, I went to Linda & Ludmil's over the weekend. It was magic. I'm doing a post on it later in the week. I gave her a hello from you. Deb


Every time I see your slipper creations I think of Cinderella and how she must have been filled with delight when she gazed down at her dainty feet to see those darling glass slippers. Or Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz amazed at the ruby slippers that cradled her feet...
What I'm trying to say is these beautiful renditions cause the imagination to wander and dream of happily ever after...
xo Susan

Just delicious!

"Too Die" for is all I can say!!!!!


Thank you for Natalie's beautiful Fairy birthday slipper - I wish my pictures were as wonderful as yours! It is on the blog to share with others. Thanks so very much again!!!!

xoxoxox ~S~



Oh........ the details and de tales you have to tell with you work. Lots of poetry in your artistry. Size 9's a good thing I only had two children my shoe size goes up each time. The slippers a perfect fit for everyone! How many ways can they be worn......let me count the ways!

So very beautiful . . . as is all of your work. I look (in awe) often. Brings so many imagined stories to mind . . . I bet you'd make beautiful little fairy shoes and clothes and homes too!

You ARE the devil of details aren't you!! (OMG-that sounded like Bruno on DWTS!)

Pretty pretty Karen!

Hope this note finds you well.

Chris :-)

You are a very creative person...I found your blog by accident and am glad I did~
Can't wait to

Xo Kelly

So pretty!


Oh Karen you are a girls best friend, truly you are, plus look how talented you are too, this work is beautiful, in fact all of your work is stunning, I want to come round and work with's not fair you live so far away!!!!
I am soooo very nervous about the fayre, I have no confidence at all!!! so your comments have been heart warming, I shall hold them in my heart and won't worry a jot ....or try not to worry to much ....... thankyou sooo much .
Love and Hugs
Lynn xxxx

Love everything decadent! Is A.H. online?

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