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November 01, 2008


These slippers are simply stunning! I had seen your witch slippers on another blog (could it have been Ulla's blog?) and I instantly loved them. Chapeau!

Have a great weekend.

Oooooooh - can't wait to see them in person!!!! Next week, you promised!!! LOL!


Lucky me I got to see htese today!!! wonderful

Karen, I want them all!....Heidi XO

Hi Dee Ho........getting in the Christmas spirit....or maybe it's getting into me. Na Na NAna Na NAHHHH
.....I saw your slippers up close and personal yesterday. I even touched one, and took it off the tree when the store people were not looking. But they caught me going out the door and I had to pay for it........just teasing I brought it happily to the counter, because I know the artist!
Love you Halloween post too...I think you are really more clever that you may even realize. just a biased opinion.

OMG! These are gorgeous! What perfect little ornaments for the Christmas tree. How clever are you to even think of something so awesome!?! Well, of course you are talented & clever. And awesome! So I'm not surprised really. I'm so glad to see new posts up! Yay! More please!

So beautiful, perhaps the parcel could get waylaid and end up here!
Love the new header at the top, most enchanting!
xo Susan


They're wonderful and beautious! Why don't you make them in size 7s (and 8's and 9's)? My feet would feel so special!

Please please Karen....desperate plea.......please can I buy some slippers.....please please......... Hugs from a troublesome friendxxx

One of the things I really love about your blog are your photos. They're always a feast for the eyes.

These are AMAZING!!! You are incredible my friend!! I just can't stop looking at them!!!


Oh my goodness... back to see more eye candy!!!!

Shoes are adorable!!!!


Just incredible to see all this, very absolutly fabulous!!!

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