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November 03, 2008


Can I vote for you my lovely friend,.... for the support you give me, for the kind words you send, for the care you always show, and for you being a special person.
Your slippers are like!! not sticky and fattening.....covertable and gorgeous
Hugs from over the water
Lynn xx

Well said.


Yay! The triptych is back!

You are so eloquent and so correct. I have been waiting for this day for 8 years and nothing will keep me from voting.

In Oregon we vote by mail so there are no excuses to have not already completed your ballot and sent it off for delivery!

To the rest of the country, you are indeed casting your vote on behalf of your unborn children and grandchildren. The national debt is staggering and won't be paid off in our lifetime; our planet needs our help NOW and this is perhaps the most important vote we will ever be called upon to cast.

Vote with your mind as well as your heart but for goodness sake, VOTE!!

Very nicely put. Thanks for putting what many of us think to paper (computer??)lol. kath

What an exciting day for all of us on this planet.
Thanks for your mail, I'll answer you asap but these days are filled with obligations like going to the dentist, to school, to the eyedoctor and now I'm helping with homework :-( So I'm off again.

great blog some how i found you when i was researching things on our sons birth defect esophageal atresia and other complications. i wish you nothing but the best. I was also wondering if there is anyway if i put your link on my site if you would be able to return the favor and add my ink on your sight, i again wish you the best.


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