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December 09, 2008


Karen, I'm sorry people can't have an original thought and have to steal brillant ideas from those like you who are so talented and work so hard at it. But not to worry-girl I've got your back. Copycat Police Chief

So sad. You are totally right. I know that you have breathed a lot before you took this step. The problem is that you are dealing with a person or persons with restrictions ( I hope this is the right word). Restrictions on a creative level; not being able to come up with something yourself, but worse, also at an intellectual level; not being able to imagine why this is not done. Not being able to see that in that case you are damaging someone and hurting too!
Karen, I support you and everyone who has to deal with these copy cats. Sad that you have to use your blog for these kind of people. I hope that your warning will be enough. Take care! Don't let this suffocate you and your ideas, you know that this is actually a waste of time, but I can perfectly understand why you have to do this. I'm right behind you!

A copy cat never prospers........they never have the satisfaction of bringing an original idea full circle...which is the greatest joy in creating something.......the journey to get there rather than the end result,in my opinion. Something that is copied can also never be fully realized, because the spirit of the person who orginated it is not there..........only your light shines through your original creations. You have a unique style........ it will be recognized.....and they will feel a sense of sadness. No one can be you.

I think this will be a good way to handle the situation. Obviously, she isn't bothered by copying your work. I think bringing it to the attention of others is wise.

You're incredibly talented and I know you spend a great deal of time developing new, beautiful and interesting product.

Here's to not letting the COPYCAT get the best of you! is THE worst thing in the world to know, KNOW, someone is taking credit for your stuff!
I'll help smoke 'em out...It's happened to me and Lauri. We feel your pain!
xo lulu

Hi Karen ~ SO sorry to hear that this is happening to you! I agree with all you said as well.

I agree smoke em' out, it will catch them off guard!


PS: Copycats lack creativity to create their own works!


So sorry to hear Karen!
Other than this, hope all is well.

I'm sorry to hear that you have been caught up in this slimy way that some people come by "their" amazing ideas!...they slither out and cruise the blogs...then they copy...they CHEAT!!...all for their fat headed egos!!..and those who have wonderful art to share stop sharing in fear of the CHEATS!...that's so very sad..and it is about time we put a stop to them!...we all know their names too....crawl away snakes! we've got your number!! chin up Karen we all have been there..and we understand!....

Seems to happen near and far and to many people! I echo the sentiment that those who cannot - copy - the sincerest form of flattery (?) and outright creative theft!

The internet makes it easier but shame on those in your own back yard who copy and lie about it to your face!

We KNOW you are an original and copycats just shabby cheap imitations!



I am so sorry to read this - either my work isn't good enough to have someone copy me or it is a matter of time until I run into the same situation as I have heard several people have - kinda hoping my work isn't good enough. How heartbreaking. Someone told me early on to put a big fat copyright on top of everything I post, so I have been. I wanna know who it is - I'm so snoopy. I wanna get in the way of things with clever strategies. Spill it - no more Mrs. Nice Lady! You have a lot of folks who'll help set things right.

Oh girlie sorry to hear that. I'm having the same issue with things I make. Well If you ever want to do a feature on my blog about your space or other art let me know. Hugs, Denise

OMG a cat-fight! I'll bring bandaids.
In this world of instant, around the globe communications it is hard to sometimes determine where an idea has come from.
Those of us who know your talent and creativity cherish the art you share.Do not let the apparent copying distract you from the very reason you create... to express yourself and relinquish that beauty to others.
xo Susan

Oh no, this is terrible. :( I am sad to say the same thing happened to me with Martin. I was devastated to see him in a foreign comic book. It felt like my insides had been ripped out and left in a pile in front of me.

It sucks. Unfortunately, work posted on the internets is available for anyone and everyone to steal. Even copyright protected works. Good luck dear!!!


*** To clarify for everyone, the person who plagiarizes my work (and, by the way, several other people's) has done so for YEARS. This was a difficult post to write, as I am not a vendictive person, nor do I relish embarrassing someone or hurting someone's feelings. I have 'turned the other cheek' with this person, who lives within 10 miles of me, as I said.... for YEARS. I started a business and she 'borrowed' that idea, then sat me down at lunch to tell me she'd HIRED A REP!!!
This isn't a "cat fight" nor is it about slippers, birds, or whatever. It's about DECENCY.... if you don't want your poems, music, formulas for Coke copied, why would I want MY things used? This copier had the nerve to tell me that, because she had spent her time and energy making the copied things, that she thought it was okay to sell them. Guess she didn't think I used MY TIME AND ENERGY creating the ORIGINAL work?!
Beware the attitude that, 'everyone else is doing it'.... If that "rule" worked, there would be drug dealers on every corner, instead of 7-Elevens.
By the way, I have gotten over a hundred emails detailing stories about people being copied. It may be an ugly subject to have to address, but it DOES need to be discussed.******

My Sweet Karen,
Kudos to you for bringing up this subject. It is Flat Out Wrong to copy another persons work. I know that there are several people out there that think it is o.k. and go forward with stealing. However, they need to be taught a lesson. I like your style of calling them out! :0)

I was taught as a young child at a YOUNG age (after stealing a pack of Bubble Gum) that stealing on any level was wrong. I think good old fashioned values need to be put back into our society. People need to quit being Fearful of speaking against what is wrong because it isn't "politically" correct.

I am sorry that you are going through this experience and hope that it will get resolved. May the CopyCat get the message loud and clear and get on with her own ideas.

Have a Wonderful and Safe Holiday my Dear Friend.


Dear Karen,
You are much kinder than most people would be in this situation. Lawyers would be terribly interested in such matters!
It sounds like this person is not only lacking in creativity, but also in the smarts department.
Your Pal,

Who? What? You should call them on it now, or it will fester. Seriously.

It's really sad that people feel the need to steal ideas, art and words that other people create. Make sure to call anyone out on it when you see might scare them into stopping.

I just want to add in my thoughts on this. Karen, I'm not saying this because I'm doubting that this person is stealing your ideas. I'm sure that in this situation, you are certain about it, or you never would have brought it up.

That being said, I enjoy writing. I'll write something that I think has never been thought of before, and the next thing you know I'll read something, and there was that same idea that I had...but someone else had already thought of it and published it. It's like that saying goes that there's nothing new under the sun. It's incredibly hard to come up with things that no one else has ever done or thought of before.

Karen's work is beautiful, and the person who is stealing it ought to be ashamed of themselves and stop doing it. I'm definitely not defending this person, because I agree that it is wrong to steal others' ideas. But everyone please keep in mind that it's not ALWAYS intentional.

Thanks for hearing me out!

Hang in there, Karen!

Karen I'm sorry you have to go through this, but all of us true artists that create from the heart and soul and work very hard to stay unique and stand out in the croud are the one that gets hurt the most. I'm new to your blog and I love it! you are very talented artis. Keep the good work...keep inventing. Efrat

Nothing puts the dampers on your creativity like seeing someone else copying your work...been through that gut wrenching feeling several times in my doll career. Fortunatly, the copycats never have the creativity or can infuse the spirit into the work that comes from the soul of the original creator. They soon fade into the dark corners, while the original creators continue to shine above the rest. So Shine on my friend you are a bright star!
Hugz, Gail

Oh god karen, I had someone bring a product to a show, that I developed and asked me to not bring it! She thought that because she is such a higher end dealer than I, she had the right to bring the product. And I totally backed down!

I wish that I had more of a back bone. Thank you for your blog.

I'm so sorry to read this, Karen, though I'm a little late! It's such a rampant problem isn't it...something all artists worth their salt face at some point. And I think the more talented you are, the more vulnerable, and the more it hurts! Which is probably why you are hurting so's a horrible feeling.

But I know you are stronger than this, and that your style is always developing and copycat is going to be able to keep up for long. You'll still come up on top in the end.

I want to thank you so much for addressing this. I had tried to address it this past year also on one of my blogs. There are many who e'd me or "gossiped" that I was wrong about my ethics. Being with high end art galleries all over US/Europe, I cannot afford to lose my images/ideas/work/originals to others when many have invested $ in my works for many many years. I also do a "lighter" design line of garments and design art, and they also are being stolen by others. Having been told of several people who spend their time trolling the net with their Mac's and other software able to take images for their use etc. I have had to put blogs away, not show my current work and have to hide Albums on my Picturetrail site. I have had e conversations with publishers of magazines asking them to educate their audiences to what Copyright/Illegal is AND I've broached the subject to 2 magazines that they are not checking their material before going to print as they have featured those who have stolen someone's originals and whole creative profiles. They admitted they looked at sites for ideas for their publications! These magazines used to have to pay staff for ideas and to get feature they just go online and get it all for free, at our expense! Even major textile companies are facing this as there have been those from another country who bring cameras to Quilt Expo's etc and with small cameras/cell phones take photos of the newest fabric/textile designs of companies and have it in production in their country before our US companies even get their orders processed! The mentality of what I call Socialist Thinking (or is it Communism?) "Whatever anyone does or creates belongs to all of us, no one should profit or gain money or credit for their original ideas or copyrights...if they do make a profit then we should all share in the profit." I have no idea what has happened in our US. Our intellects and ingenuity are being pillaged and there are publications and PR tactics trying to convince others that it's ok. Now there are many who just follow like sheep and repeat the refrain.
Webster's New World Dictionary
COMMUNISM 1. any theory or system of common ownership of property.
SOCIALISM 1. a theory by which the means of production and distribution are owned by society rather than by individuals.

Amen to Nancy's comments!

Not being an artist, I have seldom thought about this problem. I am fully aware of how widespread artistic theft is now and support any and all who expose plagiarism of any sort.

Copycats (aka thieves): Consider yourselves warned and be prepared for the fallout in the future.

YOU do know who you are and YOU should reconsider your past actions and rethink future temptations carefully. Excusing your actions by whining that no thought is truly original an/or unique is a lie. Don't be caught out in any more theft or be prepared to suffer exposure.

Ethics still exist in this country!

Posers are the worst of the worst
They will fail big time!!

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