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December 21, 2008


I am absolutely DONE with this weather! It is time for all this stuff to melt and be on its way.

Brings back not-so-fond memories of all the years I lived in Alaska. I have been in love with Oregon since we moved here because rain does not have to be shoveled.

This will all pass but I would be happier if it were sooner rather than later and I know you agree!


Oh wow beautiful Pics!

Gorgeous photos, Karen!

The photos in all your recent posts prove you excel at photography as well.

Glad we don't have the ice. Just lots and lots of snow.

But it is sooooooooo nice to have snow for Xmas ! MERRY XMAS TO YOU !

GREAT frosty treat pics!!!

Merry Merry!!!

SpOOky Chris Kringle ;-P)


Hi Karen, I have been meaning to write to you... but I am a bad friend.....I have spent all my time catching up after my sorry...I've just read about your work being stolen...ugh it makes me shiver...fair enough I have seen students create similar work, quite innocently...but you sort of know when you are continualy being ripped of...I am so sorryxxx.
Are you ready for the fabulous holidays..I want champagne and orange juice for breakfast Christmas morning...that will set us up and giddy for the day..after that well....I wish for you both all the loveliest things, love, joy, laughter, and a good rest.
Christmas Hugs and Mince Pie Kisses.
Lynn xx

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