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December 19, 2008


Yes I am warm, because I'm wearing my blanket like cardigan and my 'mitaines' (those are gloves with half fingers, so I can still type!). I never want the heating too high because of environmental reasons and it gets off after 11 pm...which is too early for me. But I can leave my house always, we live in a moderate sea climate. Though I think the snow is very pretty. Enjoy these cold, dark yet cozy and sparkly days before Christmas!

Hi Karen ~ Beautiful picture. Snow is pretty albeit hazardous. When it snows I stay put!

Hang in there and think warm thoughts!!!

May your holidays bring you much warmth!!!

Chris (-:

Brr, looks cold! Stay warm and safe. We always use those snowstorm days to catch up on last season's "24" episodes.

Neat photo!

Be safe!

I'm thinking it's time y'all came on down past the Mason/Dixon line to live. Brrr!!! Debbie

Hey, Miss Amusement!
I dry I'm warm but... I'm not happy I want sun!! Lots of it, you know it's bad when I have cleaned the office and started thnking about doing book work??? It's not even April!
Hang in there Spring is just around the corner... Only 6 or 7 months!

We have had some cold weather down here in Southern Cal... it would be nice to kind have to stay home!! I hope that your kitty is doing well..and am glad you are safe!

Smiles nd Christmas hugs

'Tis the season!
Winter as much as it may try the patience(and the back from all the shoveling) gives us an opportunity to takes things a little easier, cocoon ourselves within our humble abodes and reflect on the year that has passed and the new one yet to arrive.
To hear that you had to endure its more ugly side to get the kittie to the vet shows your love and dedication to that furry critter.
We had over a foot yesterday and are expecting another 8 inches tonight. Now that's snow!
I shall escape to a place by the fire and dream of dancing in a pair of the most beautiful and delicate slippers.
xo Susan

We had an ice storm in Indiana Thursday night, and I do have electricity (thank God!), but I have no internet, cable or phone (except my cell phone). I came into my office today to get caught up on my blog viewing and emails.

It is beautiful here with all the ice. I finally got my camera replaced, so I'll try to get some good pictures to post on my blog (whenever I have internet again).

Have a Merry Christmas Karen!!!


What do you need to go out for? I'm sure you are utterly and completely organized for christmas already!!

Very pretty!

Imagine living in NE!! Stop by for my first blog party invite.....

Well, I think it's beautiful, and I love it, but then, I prefer the colder seasons. I do love all four seasons of course, but I'm usually WAY ready for summer to end.

I am in my heaven. I'm so happy for dear little Tom cat in that he is doing well. Keep up the good photography.

Christine ~ Zwee!!!!!!!

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