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January 31, 2009


Hello sweet Karen! I'm so sorry to hear that you're sick! I send you all of my get well wishes and prayers!!! Feel better soon!


Y'all git betta now, here? I shor wanna hear 'bout that gun collection.

Hi Karen,

I'm SO sorry to hear that you have been feeling under the weather!!!

Hope you feel better soon!!!

PS: Thanks on ALL on mine, I needed to get back to my dark side!!!

Sending chicken soup wishes,
Me (-:


Good thing you didn't have a gun in the Dr,'s office or Mr. Snowbird might have been on the wrong end of it. I hope you get to feeling better. Isn't it awful when the body wants to lie down and the mind just won't shut up? Do I need to send you some Texas hot sauce and burn the sick right out of you? Debbie

Hope you feel better soon!

Aahh the restorative powers of a gun collection (?!). Have a rest and I hope you feel better soon and are back to your evil best. Love Cybill.

You still crack me up! Hope you are feeling better now. Sending good and beneficial vibes your way!

so sorry to hear you are sick :( well i sure hope you are better now since this post is 5 days old!

That was 8 days ago! I trust you are well now? Man alive! er, woman alive and in need of cheering up. I'll be over with my whiskey and my guns and we can shoot those targets with clean precision. Hiccup.

Christine ~ Zwee!!!!!!!

Karen, sorry to hear you are sick I hope you'll feel better soon

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