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February 08, 2009


Congratulations! Your header is amazing!


The happiest of birthdays to you, Miss Karen, and congratulations to both you and Miss Alexandria on your many accomplishments!! This is just the beginning, dear friend, mark my words!!

I have the strongest feeling that 2009 will hold many wonderful things for both of you and you both richly deserve all it brings!!



Congratulations, my dear sweet friend! You deserve to be shown off! I hope you and Alex are feeling better! ~Lori

Hello Karen, this banner simply belongs in 'Artful blogging'! It is wonderful and indeed we love it! We have a saying that states something like; there is no such thing as coincidence; This is simply a birthday gift. Congrats to you! Hope you and your daughter can enjoy this honour while being fully recovered! Thinking of you both and sending more positive vibes!

HelllllllllllO There..........You Took A the most exciting way possible.....being published. Here are my formal public congratulations...........yeah, yippee, whoopee.........I am so happy for you! You know the Eleventh Commandment is....... Put ye your talent out there and it shall be noticed!

Well look at you. You must have done exactly what the big ol' ox told you to. This is going to be your year for sure!!! You might want to close the windows until you are feeling better, but other than that keep doing what you're doing. It's all coming your way! BTW, spill...when's the BD? I'm tickled pink for you. Congratulations! Debbie

Love it!! Congrats to you and Alex.
And those dainty ribbons at the bottom yummy!
xo FGS

Well deserved. Your banner, the triptych itself is simply amazing, as is true of all your creative efforts. Bravo to both you and Alex for creating such a visual treat.

Happy Birthday!!!

Hi Karen ~ BIG CONGRATS & well deserved as your blog banner is FAB!

Happy Happy Birthday fellow Aquarian!!! Hope I've not missed it.

WooHoo ~ Friday the 13th birthday 4 appropriate huh???!!!

PS: Hope you are feeling better 2.

Artful Blessings,
Chris (-:


Congratulations- your banner is beautiful and I'm so happy it was recognized for publication!

Dear Karen,
Happy Birthday to you!!!!!
This piece is incredible!
Congrats on being published!
Your Banner Rocks!!!!
No wonder banners are changing lately....
P.S. so glad we both got invited to the Marie Group!!!!

WooHoo! Of course you deserve it, your work is amazing! Have a happy birthday and hope you all are all well now. :-)

Hey there. Congratulations on getting published. I've yet to purchase a copy of this magazine. Now, I think I will have to get a copy. Way to go!!!

Oh thanks for stopping by Karen!!

So thrilled for you and Artful favorite magazine ever!!!
Such a blessing to express ourselves an artistic way and others get it!!!

Can't wait to see whats coming next for you and all of us blogging ladies...what's yet to come?

Sorry to hear about all your ice!
It has been raining for a couple days here..southern cali's have no idea what REAL weather is;-) we are such

Take Care and I am off to read your blog...sorry I havn't popped by for a while...

Warm Hugs,

Paul and George both want to be president of your fan club!! Happy Birthday Ms. Otto!!

Happy Birthday to you!!
My second try to leave a comment...not sure what happened?

Congrats on the Artful Blogging Art///Such a wonderful FAV!!!

Take Care Karen!
Have blessed week;-)


Absolutely gorgeous and what a splendid birthday surprise!

Congrats Karen!! Best Birthday Wishes.
xo Cindy

Very cool girlie! Denise

Congrats, Karen!! I have always loved your banner, you truly deserve that honor!! Happy birthday!

Congratulations! I was so happy for you when I saw it in the issue I bought. A Very Happy Birthday to you.
xo Efrat

Karen, that is awesome! I've been out of the loop, lately, and it's so good to see this. I must race off and procure a copy of this issue, immediately!

And oh, yes, Happy Birthday!


Congratulations! I have always loved your banner!

Fame and fortune for your birthday!!!
How cool are you and your banner? If I had a magazine I would put you in it too.
Your Pal,

I am so happy for you, Karen! How exciting! I can't wait to see it in print! Yippee Skippee!

On another note, I'm just popping in on my regular blog stops to let everyone know I'm getting ready to leave for my dad's in a couple of days and have so much to do before that. I may not have much time or access to the net for awhile so know that I a missing you and your blog and thinking about you. I'll get all caught up when I get home.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hi Karen ~ Thanks SO much for thinking of me and the birthday greeting!

Have a great 13th & VONDERFUL Valentine's day weekend.

PS: I will have a Martini tonight 4 ya!!!

Chris (-:


Well Happy Birthday Month and Congratulations to you!

Your creations are absolutely beautiful and are well deserved to be published in any Somerset magazine!!!

everything vintage

Congrats Karen, well deserved you are so talented, loved seeing all of itl. It is fabulous. Lauri @ chippys

Happy Valentine's Day!


Congratulations Karen!!!!!!
I can't get my paws on this magazine yet! ;-( But when I do will you sign my copy? ;-)

Happy Valentine's Day to you m'dear!

Your banner IS art! I'm so excited they recognized you and your daughter for it. What a great team you make. Hope you had a wonderful birthday and Valentine's Day. Let us know when we can get copies of the magazine!

Congratulations, and when you said this happened on your birthday it made me tear up. Blessings I am sure well deserved. I don't blame them for selecting that gorgeous header, it is beautiful. In fact, that is what lead me here.

Congratulations ~ your banner is enchanting!

I've heard alot about your wonderful banner!!
Love it!!
Everything on your blog is soo inspiring!


So pretty Karen!!!
Love your orignal art piece!!!

I am thrilled for you! You are very talented my dear ;-)


congrats on the banner being published!! must be partly because the stars are lined up for your/our magical b-day!!! is your year to shine brightly!!!

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