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March 17, 2009


Hi Karen ~ Hope you are wearing some green today SO the snakes don't get ya! '-)

Happy St. Paddies!

Me (-:


And may all your beer be green (or Shiner)! Debbie

Happy St Patrick's Day (belatedly!) to all Irish people!

Greetings from London. be sure!

What a lovely thought. Happy St Patricks's Day to you. I went to a dinner party last night...full blown Irish. It was great although I drank a little to much wine. Julie

Happy Green Week! lol
Stopped by to say hi;-)
Hope all is well with you.

Take Care,

Hi Karen! Beautiful images as always. Hope you had a good St. Pathrick's day and will have a good weekend too!

Ach sure yer a luvely wee garl.

Top of the mornin' to you.

Reply: And the rest of the day to you.

As always just love your images!

Lovely photos as always, I hope you had a wonderful St.Pathrick's day.

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