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May 29, 2009


oh....darn! Hoping it was a little bit closer....

The slippers that you created for that are the most amazingly beautiful things that I have ever seen. So petite, so perfect, tres magnifique!

I wish I could be there...My passport is taking me to Israel with nonstop ticket. Your friend Karen has a lovely web site and blog I added her to my blog roll. Thanks for sharing.

Well Karen, if you would hurry up and hit the lottery, we could be going!!! Miss you! ~Lori

Wow, thanks for this post.


I want your picture , lol. It's just plain mean-spirited to tell me about shops I'd love to go to but are a bzillion miles away from the middle of nowhere - which is where I live lol.

Great links! I got lost for awhile!

Hi karen,
Your new slippers at Fleurish are
so pretty..!

Just been enjoying your posts below, you have such Fabulous taste!
Sandra Evertson

Do any Chicago area shops sell your slippers? Mama needs a new pair of shoes.

With wide, lush skirts such as those one could hardly see the beautiful dainty slippers hidden beneath.
But then again you only have to visit Fleurish and you can view the tiny creations for yourself and imagine them dancing down the corridors of Versailles.
xo Susan

Thanks, thanks, thanks for all praise you left on my blog, you are so very kind. You rock the slippers and all the French shabby goodness. Wish I lived closer and could check your incredibly gorgeous work out for real at Fleurish. You are an inspiration to this Bella wannabe!


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