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June 09, 2009


Oh how sweet! Is it a Hummingbird? We don't have those over here. Not that I've ever seen anyway. You certainly do have beautiful visitors :) Tracy xo

Great shot!!!!!!

Oh! What a gorgeous being . . . lucky you!

Oh how beautiful! I can't believe you caught it in a photo! I love to watch hummingbirds.

I love hummingbirds!!
My husband and I love to watch them while we have our coffee. How did you ever get that picture?

I hope all is well!!!


I do believe hummingbirds are one of nature's best creations. That is so dear...julie

R u talkin' to me?

(Sorry, sometimes I just let myself go...I can be so childish, I'm sorry)

Now for real: I love the photo of the hummingbird, I have never seen one.

Oh's another. ME!

I love this photo!!!
I just saw one in Tel-Aviv believe it or not but I never seen one here before. I wished at that moment that I had my camera with me:( Maybe next time.

Lucky you! Haven't seen a hummingbird yet this season. Great capture.

oh you lucky lady!!I have tried so many times for a humming bird photo! Always blurry...

Love this!!Ahhhhhh


Dear lovely Karen I have never seen a humming bird, but they sound and look from your picture, like magical, beautiful things.I hope your week is full of humming birds.I am fine crazy busy at work!! but fine.
Still buying lottery tickets ha haxxx
Hugs Lynn xxxx

Such beauty bequeathed to one so tiny... and to have captured it for all to see...
xo Susan

You lucky thing - they are SO hard to catch in a photo! It's a great shot , do you play in PS much?

So much beauty from your soul........ never doubt your place in the Universe.
Ween....we meet again.....

Karen- I was at Luckett's last weekend and saw a platter full of beautiful slippers and immediately knew that they were yours- you've got STYLE.

Beautiful shot of the little creature. I also feed them with flowers.

That is an amazing picture! We have hummingbirds visit all the time but I've never even attempted to photograph them. Absolutely wonderful!



Just an FYI - I posted your blog as a fav on my blog

What a wonderful shot and blog. I must look and look some more!

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