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August 07, 2009


Or as Cat Daddy likes to say..."Day's half over!".

Be sure I will be there on August 14 th ! kiss

I'll be waiting very patiently...peering in the window of your ever so lovely little shop!

I'm ordering Blogging for Bliss happy for you!
I know what you mean about time. I have so many ideas rattling around in my pea brain, but some days I just seem to stare into space...well, actually at the tv!
Darn that Rachell Ray show!

Have a wonderful weekend!!


Having fun this saturday night drinking rum and playing dominos with hubby now I am surfing and thinking of you! Hope all is well! xox, di

Can hardly wait to see your new items! Einstein said, "There is no such thing as time." and lately, mine seems to evaporate into thin air, too! I'll check back!

i know exactly how you feel.
the "time bandit" is such a great phrase for it.
i LOvE the canvas with the little box on it.

Oh my... i had no idea about this!!!

Good luck with everythng!!

can't wait to see everything!


I love your blog. I found you through Willow's nest. I'll be back...I am intrigued by all the comments I have read. I have a great little beach house studio that needs more treasues.

The little dog collage is the loveliest thing I have ever seen!!! You are so talented and I can't wait to see what in your shop now.
Your Pal,

Hi Karen! Can't wait to see your new endeavors unfold!

I got my Blogging for Bliss book yesterday!!
What a wonderful article about you!!!
I really love the book! I'm thinking it'll really help so many of us that aren't up to speed
with all the ins and outs of computers!
I feel so honored that you have included me on your list of blogs!!!
Thank you so much!!


OK - times up! I want to see the new things! :-)

Life happens, that's for sure. I have so many plans that have gone awry due to the time bandit.
I'm certain that when you find time to make and show your lovely items that it will be well worth the wait.

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