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May 13, 2010


And did he have an equally handsome brother is the next mystery!

What I want to know is there a great-great-grandson lurking in your future!
P.S. I kept picturing Fred Astaire in the number "We're a coupla swells". I won't get that song out of my head all night...THANKS!

I wonder about their history all the time. Especially with vintage/antique needlework and pattern books.

Sometimes markings in the books tell which patterns were made. Sometimes I'm just left to wonder.

How are you Karen!! Love this hat!!! Hope you did well at Tarte!!! miss hearing from you!!!


oooooooooo.........what a great hat! even without the rabbit!

What a fantastic hat, I'm sure it was owned by Gustave Eiffel himself!

Beautiful 'topper' with a history! Keeping many a fine secrets, I bet! Have you collapsed it yet?

Hope ALL is well with you and your Birdie!!!!!!!! REALLY.
Also, that you had a great show!

Thank you for your kind words today, Karen! I feel the same about you!!


I want that hat! Beautiful piece!!

Love the grand mystery!!

annnnd the top hat:)

Kay Ellen

Oui. Tres grand.

Karen, Karen, Karen,,,I am just haveing a great time catching up here at your blog. I love your posts this year. I didn't realized you had posted as it dosen't show up on blogspot. I will try to reload it to show the recent post...anyhow,,,I was just talking to Coleen (Coleens Reflections) and we were talking about you, realizing we both kina knew you. Small world. So naturally I got on line to see if you had posted since Jan...and "Yea" you did. I hope you are well and selling alot of magic at the barn. The drawer pull is genious! Your booth space is spectacular! You have great talent and taste. How is your Daughter?
Write when you get a spot of time.

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