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September 23, 2010


Thanks for stopping by, yes I love the study of black and the month of it brings out the best in all of us....I need to dust off all my old potions...ha ha..ha..

Oooh sceddy! (You remember Count Floyd?)

Love that black stuff. Gorgeous!!!

Cool pictures!!~!!!

How are you doing??
Sorry I haven't been by to visit...I had my 50th b day and decided to goof off. It felt really good!!

I hope your sister is doing better!
have a wonderful day...create something fabulous!


Hi Karen,
I'm stopping by to wish you and your little birdie a very happy Autumn. Nice black stuffs. Is it yours in a shop??


I Loooooovvvve BLACK. I learned long ago that every room needs a bit of black to add focus and drama. Of course, I like more than just a "bit" of black! It's a favorite color really, and I use it mixed with all my creamy whites and vintage fabrics, and (of course) in all my paper designs! Lovely pictures!

Blessings ~ Eileen @ Star's Fault

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